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Why? Innate Survival Tactics

How Do Innate Survival Tactics Influence Eating Behaviour In Young Children? Most children seem to have a preference for sweet tastes. Why? Well science suggests that the preference for sweet rather than bitter tastes and the suspicious or fear of trying new foods or new tastes is based in the basic survival techniques of our […]


Ever wondered WHY you child is so picky with food? Probably every day – right? There are very real and legitimate reasons that children become so fussy with food. It is not just to annoy and frustrate parents or to be obstinate. Although we have all felt that must be so at times! Innate survival […]


Do You Have A Picky Eater At Your House? Does your child fuss and reject food once in a while or do you have daily battles at meal times? Every child is unique with his or her own particular likes and dislikes, which can sometimes change on a daily basis. Their overall appetite may also […]

Are you a Good Role Model?

Children are very keen observers of what significant adults in their lives are doing. As well as parents, this will include grandparents, extended family members, family friends and even older brothers and sisters. Here are some key questions to ask yourself Do I eat regular meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner? If not, how can […]