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Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

When I Grow Up… We all want what’s best for our little ones, because a healthy kid is a happy kid. To give them the greatest start in life it is critical to ensure they are getting everything they need from their diet. Unfortunately, as many parents know, this is not always easy. There can […]

Why does my child need calcium?

Picky kids need calcium for good bone and dental structure, for muscle growth, nerve transmission, proper blood clotting, regulation of cell division, maintenance of electrolytes and hormone synthesis. What are the best dietary sources of calcium? Contrary to popular belief, dairy products are not the only source.  Green leafy vegetables are a great source.  Kale […]

Meals in a Glass

At times children may prefer to drink rather than eat.   Drinks are a wonderful way to improve a picky eaters (and your own) nutrition.  All sorts of things can be disguised in a drink so don’t despair! Of course water is always the best drink throughout the day for children however you can also put […]

5 Reasons Kids Can Be Picky With Food

Ever wondered WHY you child is so picky with food? Probably every day – right? There can be a variety of factors and reasons that may evolve over time. Of course the reasons why children may reject foods can be many and varied and will differ with each child. But there are very real and […]

Chicken Stock Recipe

Stocks and broths are a fantastic but simple way to boost dietary nutrients for picky eaters. Use them as a base for soups, casseroles as a base for sauces and even to cook pasta, rice or other grains. Your picky eater will be getting extra nutrients without even knowing it! The addition of bones (e.g. […]

Keeping Kids Hydrated

Function of Water in the Body Water is our most critical nutrient and needs to be your child’s beverage of choice. Water is the largest single component of the body. Overall, our bodies comprise around 50 – 70 % water. Some parts, for example our brain, can be up to 85% water. Water provides the […]

Recipe: Special Tomato Sauce

This is a wonderfully versatile and tasty tomato sauce but without all the chemicals and additives of the store bought variety. Kids love this use this as a dip to dunk baby meat balls, ‘sausages’, veggie sticks or to smother some less favourite food for your picky eater. It can also be used as a […]

Try A Little “Peer Pressure”

Using a little positive peer pressure would have to be one of the best ways to get your picky kid to try some new foods or even just to eat more of what they like! Invite other children of a similar age or just slightly older (especially if they are good eaters!) around for a […]

Timing, Routine and Small Tummies

How are you going with feeding your picky and fussy kids? Still stressed? Here are a few more tips for coping with young picky eaters. Routine: Children thrive on routine. Try keeping main meals and snack times at roughly the same time each day. Children have a strong need for rituals and for what feels […]

Recipe: Pizza Treat for Picky Kids

We have just enjoyed nibbling on these luscious little treats. Here is “sneaky” way to increase vegetable intake and create interesting little snacks for any picky eater – child or grown up! We use slices of crispy potato to make the base for these child sized tasty bites. These are also great for those kids […]

Why? Physiological Influences on Eating Behaviour

Of course the reasons why children may reject foods can be many and varied and will differ with each child. Try to understand the possible reasons for your child’s fussiness. Is it due to innate issues, due to particular habits being created around food initially or is there some other underlying condition? Consider this. Is […]

Why? Development and Growth

THE INFLUENCE OF DEVELOPMENTAL AND GROWTH RATES ON EATING BEHAVIOUR As we know, young children have variable appetites and often become picky with food. Why might this be? As a baby your child was fed constantly and grew rapidly. By their first birthday they will have probably tripled their birth weight. Toddlers and young children […]