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Over Come Your Child’s Picky Eating Behaviour

Turn Your Picky Eater Into A Healthy Happy Eater Within Weeks!

Experienced Naturopath and Nutrition Medicine Consultant shows you how..

Say Goodbye to Picky Eating Forever

What Is Your Child’s Health Worth?


An improved attitude toward food means better eating habits and better nutrition.  Then comes better health in general, improved mood and behaviour, stronger immune systems, greater vitality and overall much happier children!

What Do You Need To Know To End Daily Battles Over Food And

Relieve Your Worries Over Your Child’s Health?

Children can only reach their full potential if they have the right help to get there, good eating habits and good nutrition is the key to good health.

Allow your child to experience the level of health and happiness they were born to have and establish a solid foundation of good health they will enjoy their entire lives.

Understanding some basic and simple health and nutrition concepts will help you take the necessary steps to support and enhance the health of your child as well as recognising those things could be potentially harming or hindering their health and well being.

You can get your children to eat healthily, to stop fighting and arguing over food.  You can have a calmer, more peaceful home – just like the countless happy and satisfied parents I have worked with in clinic and those who have used this guide.

Put some of my KIDEOLOGY into practice.  By using what I have learned over many years through personal experience and professional clinical practice, you can alter the immediate and long term health and future of your child.

You need to get an action plan – what I have found essential to success for every picky eater.

You may be sceptical and that is okay.  But hopefully my 26 years of experience in this area PLUS my teaching this subject at naturopathic college will give you confidence that my suggestions work.

I want to be very clear with you in your struggle with picky eating.  This guide brings you solutions that work the majority of time. It should work for you like it has for hundreds of families.

Let me know if it didn’t work for you (after following my suggestions for 60 days) and you will get your money back.

The information, guidelines and strategies you will get in my solutions for “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book are the exact same as I use in my private practice.  I treat many young children and their families using this approach and charge and average of $100 per session.

Most families will need around 4 to 5 sessions.

But you are NOT going to have to pay anywhere near this price to discover the secrets to naturally overcoming your child’s picky eating behaviour.

I am not going to charge you hundreds of dollars because I want you to be able to purchase “Feeding Picky Kids”today and get started on making changes immediately.

I really want you to see the results, have your child become a happy healthy eater and have a peaceful family mealtime as soon as possible.

You get the advantage of this information that condenses years of my clinical experience and KIDEOLOGY approach into simple, practical, easy to implement strategies and tools you can use immediately – with a proven track record.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

Your investment in the solution to “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book is USD $37 (or the equivalent in your local currency).

That’s right…for a small price you are going to have all the tips, secrets and methods to nourish your little one and say goodbye to picky and fussy eating forever.



What Makes My “Feeding Picky Kids” Solutions So Powerful?

1.  You can end your worries over poor eating and say goodbye to all the struggles and tears as well.  Imagine your home where you are peaceful and confident, free of those mealtime battles, the cajoling and bargaining, and you are contented and at peace with your child’s healthy eating.  Surely that relief is worth many times the cost of this practical guide.

2.  You are doing something different.  Why continue doing something that isn’t working.  What is the use of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping that something will change?  If what you are currently doing is not working….. Change it!

3.  You can download this guide in a couple of minutes and be well on the way to a healthier and happier child in no time.

Don’t Hesitate.  I Really Want To Help You And
Give You Some Tools To Turn Your Picky
Eaters Into Happy Healthy Eaters.

The benefits of this guide will bring peace into your home and ensure your child happily eats a healthy meal every day.

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Purchase the Paperback online through Amazon or Buy the Ebook today!