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Over Come Your Child’s Picky Eating Behaviour

Turn Your Picky Eater Into A Healthy Happy Eater Within Weeks!

Experienced Naturopath and Nutrition Medicine Consultant shows you how..

Say Goodbye to Picky Eating Forever

Here is a sneak preview……

By Purchasing my “Feeding Picky Kids” Solutions You Will Learn….

1.  The many underlying reasons that children may have picky or fussy eating behaviours

2.  Ways of coping with food refusal behaviour

3.  Lots of mealtime strategies to encourage happy healthy eating and reduce your stress

4.  Some of the secrets, strategies and tools to help your child to become a healthy eater

5.  Clever ways to increase nutrients in your child’s diet even if food choices are limited

6.  Fun ways to present food to your picky eater so that they ask for more and more

7.  The best foods to keep in your fridge and pantry to nourish your child

8.  How to plan and create delicious meals, snacks and treats your children and whole family will love to eat

9.  Fun ways of educating, explaining and “marketing” food to your child

10. Key nutrition basics that you need to know as a parent to set your child up with the foundation of robust health

11. Information on the main nutrients required by your child and their specific role in your child’s growth and development

12. What foods are rich sources of these vital nutrients

13. Vital information on food labels

14. Some reasons behind more serious eating problems

15. How to create optimal health outcomes for your child – physical, emotional and behavioural.

16. And much, much more

Will These Strategies Really Work For You And Your Family?

You have a 60 day guarantee to try this program and find out for yourself.

Once you start implementing some of the strategies consistently you will know it works – just like it has for thousands of families I have worked with.

If however, in the very unlikely case that you are NOT absolutely thrilled with the results then simply email me and I will give you a full refund

Who Will Benefit Most From My “Feeding Picky Kids” Solution?

  • Any family trying to cope with even just normal toddler picky eating.
  • Parents of children whose picky eating is the result of or cause of other health problems
  • Parents of children who have more entrenched, difficult and worrying picky eating behaviours
  • Parents who are struggling and tired of making different meals for each member of the family
  • Those who can’t afford to or don’t like to be throwing out perfectly good but uneaten meals
  • Parents who are concerned about their child’s health and nutrition

Why Is This The Best Action You Can Take
Right Now?

  • You finally have hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel dealing with your picky eater
  • You will have knowledge and practical tools to change and improve your child’s eating behaviour
  • You can have an impact on your child’s health that will go on throughout their life time
  • You can relax and enjoy your child without constant battles over food
  • You can end all your worries over your child’s unhealthy, picky eating forever!
  • You will have a clear approach to your child’s eating that you know will work.  It may not be easy at first when using different strategies and learning different ways of presenting food but with persistence the outcome will certainly be positive.
  • Your child’s health will improve – fewer runny noses or ‘sore tummies’, dashes to the doctor or sleepless nights with a sick child
  • A happier child with fewer tantrums and grumpiness who embraces and enjoys family meals and conversation
  • A much more nutritionally sound child who is eager to learn, run, jump and play
  • A child who will eat well for the rest of their life
  • You, your child and your family will  have more quality time together for fun and to do the things you enjoy