Try A Little “Peer Pressure”

Peer Pressure

Using a little positive peer pressure would have to be one of the best ways to get your picky kid to try some new foods or even just to eat more of what they like!

Invite other children of a similar age or just slightly older (especially if they are good eaters!) around for a meal. Children have a strong desire to fit in so are more likely to try to copy their peers.

Studies show that children often copy their peers at mealtime, so if they see their friends eating something different or eating a full plate of food, they are more likely want to join in and try those foods themselves.

While it’s great for your kids to see you eating fruits and vegetables, the impact of their peers doing so is even more powerful.

Parents often tell me that their little fusspot is apparently not nearly so fussy at child care or kindy when eating in the company of other children.

Try it! Let the others set the example.

And praise them for what they attempt!

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