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Over Come Your Child’s Picky Eating Behaviour

Turn Your Picky Eater Into A Healthy Happy Eater Within Weeks!

Experienced Naturopath and Nutrition Medicine Consultant shows you how..

Say Goodbye to Picky Eating Forever

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Hi, welcome to Feeding Picky Kids.

I’m Christine Sullivan, an experienced naturopath with qualifications in naturopathy, nutrition medicine, herbal medicine and preconception nutrition.  I have over 28 years of clinical experience working with with families, babies and children’s health, diet and nutrition and am regarded as one of Australia’s leading practitioners in these fields.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about what and how to feed your picky kids, you are in the right place!  Through this site, blog and books I want to make it easier for you by sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained on how to deal with your child’s health and picky or problematic eating behaviours.

Prior to my naturopathic training, I was a social worker working with families and children in care and in a children’s hospital as well as working with expectant and new parents as well as parents of toddlers. For many years I facilitated antenatal and breastfeeding information and support groups as well as support groups for new parents and parents of toddlers.

I have always had a special interest in babies and children’s health and eating disorders and absolutely love working with children and families.

As a child I was the ultimate picky eater and still have vivid memories of mealtime battles with my own parents, as well as doing the rounds of doctors and paediatricians regarding my poor eating.  I am also the mother of three now adult children who all went through stages of very picky eating.  So I know what it is like as a parent to want your child “just to eat something!” and the sheer frustration and exasperation you feel when everything you offer seems to be rejected.

Every day I see parents struggling to know the best approach with their child.  In the extremely fast pace of 21st century living it is so easy to rely of fast and convenience food, losing sight of basic nutritional principles and the healing power of good food and instead looking for “a pill for every ill”.  My belief is that good wholesome food, patience and a healthy lifestyle can overcome most health problems.  So here I am keen to share what I have learned as a parent and health practitioner to help you feed and nourish your child.

Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” said centuries ago “let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.    Let us, together, use this principle with your picky eater!

Wanting to know where to start?  Scroll through the blog for some basic strategies.

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